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How To Moisturize Starter Locs

Back in December 2014, I started my dreadlocks journey. By that time, I had tried all kinds of hairstyles – from weaves to all types of braids. Honestly, I got bored and tired of continually having to change my hairstyle.

I do not know about you, but my journey has been impressive.

In this post, I’m going to shed some light specifically on how to moisturize starter locs. It’s one of the questions I’ve been frequently asked by those starting their dreadlocks journey.

I hope you will stick with me until the end, and your starter locs will thank you later!

how to moisturize starter locs

Why Are My Locs So Dry?

In my very first days, I had no clue what I was doing with my hair.

Unfortunately, I had no one to guide me through – only the internet.

Initially, what I wanted was my natural hair to grow on its own away from too much twisting, crocheting, or any high-level maintenance.

I was the happiest when my grandma suggested she would help me where she could.

Up to date, she helps me keep my locs neat and moisturized.

So how did my locs get so dry in the beginning?

First, the reason why your locs keep getting dry all the time could be:

  • You have breached your locs
  • You’re using products with harsh ingredients such as shampoos containing sulfates
  • You rarely moisturize your hair
  • Your locs have too much product build-up and grime

And that begs the question, how do you solve this menace?

My maintenance routine is practical and straightforward.

To keep my locs from drying, I engage a couple of water rinses every week and ensure that my hair stays detangled.

My go-to products are organic rose water and extra virgin olive oil.

I mix them and apply them to my locs when they feel dry.

Using the oil alone will result in product build-up, which you do not want.

how to moisturize starter locs


What Products Should I Use to Moisturize My Locs?

Having the right info is the only thing you need to keep your locs healthy and beautiful.

At the beginning of my dreadlocks journey, I had done a ton of research on their care and maintenance.

That and my grandma’s help have kept my hair super thick and healthy.

So I’ll let you in on my all-time moisturizing routine for my locs.

First, let me mention that using oils only on your locs will most likely lead to the formation of product build-up.

Using natural oils such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil provides terrific benefits for your dry locs.

However, rather than slathering the oil directly to your locs, create a moisture mist.


How to Moisturize My Starter Locs

I’ll answer with as much honesty as possible.

You first need to understand that keeping your locs moisturized is very different from keeping them soft.

Most people confuse this, and it’s not okay.

I’ll tell you one thing though, using too much oil is not the answer.

It only helps you keep your hair soft and often leads to increased product build-up in your hair.

My moisturizing spray recipe is simple.



  • 50ml distilled water or organic rose water (you can also use aloe vera juice if you prefer)
  • 45ml extra virgin olive oil (you can use any other vegetable oil such as grapeseed or almond oil)
  • 5 drops of essential oil (rosemary oil or tea tree oil). I use both for my scalp.
  • 5ml glycerin
  • Five drops of vitamin E



I mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and store it in the fridge.

This step helps in preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

Please do not keep it for more than two weeks, or it’ll start to smell awful.

To moisturize my locs, I shake the container and spray evenly on my locs.

I do this while pressing them to allow the spray mixture to soak in.

If you spray too loosely and do not press the locs, your spray ingredients might not be absorbed, which is the primary goal.

Make sure to spray your locs as much as possible and as often as you need to.

Remember to do this at least daily or once every two days.

There is no shortcut to having that fantastic look.

Only the best care does it.


How To Moisturize Scalp With Dreads

When I started my locs journey, my scalp was super itchy for two months.

I couldn’t keep my hands off my head.

If you have been there, then you can relate.

If not, please don’t let it get to that point.

I learned the hard way.

The only secret (which is not a secret anymore) is to keep your scalp hydrated throughout.

Here is how I knew that my scalp needed constant hydration and attention.

  • An extra itchy scalp
  • A significant amount of dandruff on my scalp
  • Losing the sheen. My hair was dull looking hair, and it lacked luster
  • Thinned out locs hence breaking easily

So how do I keep my scalp moisturized?


Drink Water

Healthy dreadlocks require a healthy body. And a healthy body has never lacked water.

Also, most foods we eat make our bodies dehydrated. Thus, we need to keep rehydrating.

So drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated.

Have a bottle of water in your office, when taking a walk, in your car, when you are going out of your house, take water breaks.


Healthy Diet

Maintain a healthy diet.

Basically, my diet consists of lots of vegetables, fruits, fish oil, lots of healthy proteins such as nuts, eggs, fish, and even sweet potatoes, which are my favorite.


Regular Washing

Wash your hair on a regular basis.

When washing my hair, I make sure to rub some apple cider vinegar throughout my scalp.

It’s a fantastic remedy for an itchy scalp.

Only use two teaspoons.

Remember to use cold water when doing this.


Keep Locs Uncovered

Keep your shower cap away when taking a shower.

The mist when showering helps in keeping your locs and your scalp moisturized.

It makes sense.


Aloe Vera

What I can tell you is that you can never go wrong with aloe vera for an itchy scalp.

It’s what I used during my nasty ordeal.

I made my remedy by mixing pure aloe vera with some essential oils and rose water.

This mix will ensure that your hair stays hydrated to the roots.


Avoid Stress

Avoid lots of stress or tension.

Exercise should be your friend.

Meditate for an hour or two.

It’s my daily routine, and it helps a lot.


Moisturizing Locs In Winter

Winter is one of the harshest seasons for my locs.

With the cold air comes dry locs, flaking, and in the worst-case scenario, breaking.

However, I have had to improvise to overcome the season without a hitch.

I always make sure that my hair gets enough moisturization.

That means keeping myself hydrated enough and using water-based products.

My favorite (as mentioned above) is a mixture of rose water and olive oil.

Moisturize your locs with a natural leave-in moisturizer on a regular basis.



Locs are unique! They are the most magnificent natural hairstyle you can wear.

You can grow them to any length and deserve a consistent routine that keeps them healthy.

Simplicity is vital when it comes to achieving healthy locs – especially starter locs.

Avoid overwashing your starter locs as it can lead to flaking, itchiness, and even dying up your scalp.

Please don’t wash your starter locs less than two weeks after they’re installed.

Give them some time to mature.

If you’ve been wondering how to moisturize starter locs, one thing I’d advise you is to avoid using too many products on your locs.

It often leaves your hair matted and has lots of product build-up.

Lightweight products and oils will do just fine.

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